Harper Brush Works Expands in Fairfield

From left: Tracy Vance, Executive Director FEDA; Brady Gros, CEO Harper Brush Works; Representative Curt Hanson; Mayor Ed Malloy

Harper Brush Works is consolidating its distribution operations to its Fairfield, Iowa location as part of its Performance Improvement Program. The consolidation plan includes the addition of 25 to 30 jobs and is supported by a state and local incentive package that has been approved by the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the City of Fairfield.

Last Friday, Harper Brush received its financial assistance package from the State of Iowa, City of Fairfield, and the Fairfield Economic Development Association. Harper Brush received $160,000 from the State, $32,000 in matching funds from the City and $108,000 from FEDA.

Harper Brush Works is a family owned company founded in 1900 by A.K. Harper. Fairfield, Iowahas been home to Harper Brush Works and its national headquarters since its founding in 1900. Harper Brush Works is a manufacturer of brooms, brushes, and other handheld cleaning products. Harper Brush Works currently has U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities in Fairfield, Iowa and Greenville, North Carolina. Harper products are sold in major retail outlets and in the commercial cleaning industry. Brady Gros is the seventh person to head Harper Brush works in its 111 year history and, only the third non-family member to serve in that capacity.

“At Harper, we were not satisfied with our service levels to our customers. In our analysis of the reasons why, we quickly determined that we were spending too much time and expense trying to forecast inventory needs by location and then moving products between sites. In today’s turbulent economy, a successful company is always analyzing ways to improve their service levels and re-inventing their approach to doing business, which is the reason why we have initiated this new program. Based on the impressive team that’s in place at Harper, I am confident we can make that happen,” said CEO Brady Gros.

Gros went on to say, “After discussions with the Fairfield Economic Development Association, the City of Fairfield and the Iowa Economic Development Authority we quickly realized that our Fairfield facility was the best place to consolidate our distribution operations as part of our Performance Improvement Program. I want to thank them for their work and efforts in helping us with this initiative”.

The Fairfield Economic Development Association Executive Director, Tracy Vance, said, “This is a great example of FEDA, City and State officials working together to meet the needs of a very valuable industry in our community.”

Fairfield Mayor, Ed Malloy stated, “The city of Fairfield is very pleased that Harper Brush Works is expanding its presence in Fairfield. Harper has been a community partner for 111 years and I welcome the addition of the new jobs but, more importantly, the continued presence of Harper Brush in Fairfield.”