New Windmill Business Relocating to Fairfield, Purchases former Aluminum Foundry Building

February 17, 2022 (FAIRFIELD, IOWA) Grow Fairfield is pleased to announce Great Plains Windmill Service will be relocating its business to Fairfield and has purchased the former ALCAST aluminum foundry building located at 603 North 8th Street.

Pictured: Phil Gehman and his wife Janelle Gehman

Great Plains Windmill Service is the largest windmill company in the nation, specializing in; installation, servicing, painting, full restorations, and relocating of farm and recreational windmills. Of the several hundred installed each year, more than half are utilized for water, cattle operations, irrigation, wetland preservation, and pond aeration.

Phil Gehman, Owner of Great Plains Windmill Service, said, “we are pleased to have chosen Fairfield to relocate and expand our business. We are a family-owned business originally founded in Kinross, Iowa, that is continuing to grow and we believe Fairfield will be a great fit to expand.”

Planned improvements to the 118,000 square foot facility will begin immediately and the creation of a dozen or more-high quality jobs is estimated in the first year.

Joshua Laraby, Executive Director of Grow Fairfield, said, “Phil and his team have been a pleasure to work with and will be a great fit to the community. I am pleased they have selected Fairfield. Many positives will come from this, including a temporarily vacant facility put back into production, new jobs created, and welcoming of a new business to Fairfield.”