Request for Proposals – Libertyville School Building

Request for Proposal On Purchase for an Adaptive Reuse of the Libertyville School Building

City of Libertyville, Iowa

December 15, 2017



Rod Nelson, Mayor
108 North Main Street
Libertyville, Iowa, 52567



[Download complete RFP here] Final – Request for Proposal for Libertyville School Building Site 12.15.2017  


The City of Libertyville and Fairfield Community School District are working collaboratively to find an adaptive re-use for the Libertyville School Building. The purpose of this Request for Proposal [RFP] is to solicit proposals for adaptive reuse of the Building with the intention to transfer ownership by sale or other responsible means to a third party that meets the specifications of this RFP and enhances the quality of life in Libertyville.

The City of Libertyville, Iowa is a unique place for business, nonprofit, or philanthropic ventures. Special consideration will be given to developers, businesses, individuals or nonprofit groups with a vision that promotes economic vitality and quality of life. Priority attention will be given to light manufacturing, housing, healthcare, and education enterprises.


  • Request for Proposal Issued: December 15, 2017
  • Building Open House: January 10, 2018 (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
  • Proposals Submitted by: January 24, 2018 (5:00 p.m.)
  • Interviews with responding firms: January 26, 2018
  • Proposal Selection: January 30, 2018

City of Libertyville and Jefferson County

Libertyville, Iowa is a family-friendly community, population 315, located in Southeast Iowa seven miles from the City of Fairfield in Jefferson County. The city is equipped with high speed fiber internet and home to amenities such as locally owned restaurants, a city park, a gas station, a bank, a post office, an
auto dealer/repair, a cooperative elevator, a barber shop, and a church.

Libertyville is located in a growing corner of the state. 27 of Iowa’s 99 counties are showing population growth, while 72 or showing population decline. Jefferson County is showing an estimated growth rate of 7.4%, since 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. The population of the county has grown by 1,247 in 6 years and is now home to 18,090 people.


Libertyville, Iowa Proximity




The Building site is located at 202 Jefferson Street and consists of approximately two city blocks in the
center of Libertyville. The primary site totals 2.37 acres and includes a parking lot, a basketball court and
playground. The site is bordered by 3 City Streets. Broadway Ave to the North, Jefferson Street to the
East and Adam Street to the West. Additionally, a 0.2 acre parcel on the West side of Jefferson Street is
also included, which includes an additional parking pad. Generally speaking, the school grounds are
located in a residential neighborhood with private, single family homes on all four sides. Approximately
1 acre of green space exists on the site with roughly 0.7 acres of the green space is contiguous.

Aerial View



                          Parcel 1
                         Parcel 2


Building Details

The Building site was maintained as an elementary school from 1871 to 2017, when it closed due to School District consolidation. The building is currently vacant. The existing Libertyville school building is 16,625 square feet. This includes:

  • 3,315 square feet of gymnasium built prior to 1971
  • 10,096 square feet of classroom, kitchen, and office space built in 1971
  • 4,356 square feet of classroom space added in 1996

The Building is heated with hot water using 2 boilers that were installed in 2007. The boilers are in excellent shape. The building utilizes the original unit ventilator room heaters, which allow fresh air to be brought into the classrooms. The building is controlled by pneumatic valves and thermostats connected to the main energy management system.

East Entrance Front Elevation







Building Footprint

North →

Building Layout

North ↑



Utility and Service Providers:

  • High Speed Fiber Internet: LISCO, Natel, Windstream
  • Water & Sanitary Sewer: City of Libertyville
  • Electric & Natural Gas: Alliant Energy
  • Waste & Recycling: Connelly, Inc.


Conceptual Proposal

The submitted RFP will include a conceptual proposal narrative that describes the proposed re-use (minimum 500 words) and sketch-ups, to the extent possible. Proposal will include:

  • Projected use(s) for the Building
  •  Projected use of the land immediately surrounding the building (the Building site)
  • Estimated timeline for completion of the redevelopment project
  • Relationship of the plan with the intentions of the City of Libertyville and Fairfield Community
  • School District and the mission of the firm responding to the RFP
  • Realistic, verifiable financial projections and sources of revenue for the re-use
  • Financial feasibility plan for the ongoing operations of the site when fully operative

Financial Proposal

The submitted RFP will include a financial proposal, including:

  • Financial Compensation – financial benefit to the City of Libertyville
  • Financial Requests – the City is prepared to consider tax abatement and other responsible
    support for proposals showing increased quality of life and economic development to the
    community. The response should indicate the degree to which this is desirable and/or
  • Structuring Proposal – should show the ability of the respondent to finance and operate the
    proposed re-use consistent with the objectives of this RFP

Development Incentives

For information on existing Building Site development incentives in Iowa, RFP respondents should contact Joshua Laraby, Executive Director of Fairfield Economic Development Association.


The submitted RFP will include resumes for the core development team and 3 references for the lead respondent or firm. At least one financial reference showing the respondent’s ability to support the project financially during the planning, approval, construction, and lease-up phases of the project, as well as, long-term funding of operations. To the extent possible, the response should also include examples of other successful, completed, projects comparable to the proposal.

Factors Considered in Evaluating Responses

The overriding objective in extending this Request for Proposal is to transfer ownership of Libertyville School Building to a third party in a manner and for uses consistent with the best interest of the City of Libertyville and Jefferson County. This could be accomplished through the sale of the property or through its transfer to a third party by other responsible means. The City will also consider proposals that include demolition of the building.

The amount offered for the building will be a factor in the consideration of any bids received, but not the only factor, and the property may not go to the highest bidder. Ideally, the building will be sold and reused, the City will receive monetary consideration for the transfer of title, and the third party who makes the highest offer will also be the party proposing the plan for the future use of the building most advantageous to the community. However, in the absence of such an offer, the City will consider various factors in addition to the amount proposed to be paid for the purchase of the Building.

The successful proposal will come from the person or entity demonstrating the financial capacity to maintain, care for, and keep the property over the long term, while, at the same time, operating the facility for purposes and in a manner consistent with the best interests of the community. In evaluating proposals, any final determination on the transfer of the building will include the consideration of:

  1. The proposed use(s) of the building vs. demolition of building and redevelopment of the site
  2. The benefit of the proposed use to the community
  3. The financial means of the proposed buyers to maintain and care for the building over time
  4. Other factors affecting the best interest of the community, including monetary offers

Proposals should be addressed to the City of Libertyville, Iowa, Attn: Mayor Rod Nelson 108 North
Main Street Libertyville, Iowa 52567


Rod Nelson, Mayor of Libertyville, Iowa
108 North Main Street, Libertyville, Iowa 52567


Final – Request for Proposal for Libertyville School Building Site 12.15.2017 [Download complete RFP here]