Fairfield CoLab Has A Office Membership Available & Growing

The Fairfield CoLab has an awesome membership available for a private office space available that’s connected to the collaborative open workspace.

Those who are entrepreneurs at the deepest level, absolutely need that platform that supports their creativity, productivity, and connectivity.  Some people don’t understand entrepreneurship and think entrepreneurs are just “those people” who don’t want to clock-in and clock-out at a job. Although that part may be true, entrepreneurs love to problem solve and manufacture solutions for things that the rest of us encounter in our daily lives. One thing we know for sure is that running your own business and being an entrepreneur can be isolating at times, even if you have a team around you. What’s important is having a community that understands and has the ability to collaborate who those who get it! We all know that No-Successful-CEO has ever done it alone! The Fairfield CoLab provides a shared workspace, with a community of entrepreneurs that support each other in both their growth opportunities and growth hurdles.

Everything is included in your membership – 24/7 access, unlimited free coffee & a collaborative community when you need that network.

The Fairfield CoLab provides a centralized affordable location for individuals and entrepreneurs to conduct and grow their business. While the space provides basic physical amenities such as a workspace, high-speed internet access, a conference room, and printing resources, it’s also designed to encourage collaboration among similarly minded individuals and entrepreneurs.

CoLab members have access to a variety of financial and business development services through partnerships with Indian Hills Community College, Fairfield Economic Development Association, banks, private investors and the Bonnell Project. The space is also designed to host community events such as an annual business pitch, tech meetups, educational speakers, and business plan writing seminars.

*The Fairfield Colab Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
107 1/2 South Main Street
Fairfield, Iowa 52556


(641) 569-8939
Please leave a message if you are interested in membership!