Grow Fairfield Responds to Housing Need, Acquires 35-Acres for New Housing


FAIRFIELD, IOWA (August 10, 2023) Grow Fairfield Economic Development Association (formerly FEDA) is pleased to announce it has acquired a 35-acre site to be developed for a new residential subdivision. This strategic procurement aligns with the recent housing study carried out in partnership with the City of Fairfield Housing Task Force. The study underscores a demand for a minimum of 220 new housing units in the upcoming decade. 

Located in the southern entrance to Fairfield, just West of Jefferson County Health Center and adjacent to the recently established Cambridge Little Achievers Center, the 35-acre site to be named, Sunrise Trail Subdivision, occupies a strategic position for new workforce housing and is expected to support 30-40 new housing units. 

The recently completed housing study highlights ‘workforce’ and ‘middle’ housing as one of the critical priorities within our community. In response, the new residential subdivision will primarily focus on fostering these housing types. The initiative aligns with a developing comprehensive strategy to meet the diverse housing needs in the community, including a priority of retaining and growing a robust workforce. 

Grow Fairfield’s acquisition entails collaborative agreements with the new Cambridge Little Achievers Center for a future access drive to the site, and upon request, the City of Fairfield extended partial financing support, approving a repayable $200,000, zero-percent loan to Grow Fairfield for the acquisition, reaffirming housing as a top priority for growing Fairfield. 

Curtis Smith, Board President of Grow Fairfield, said,  “This acquisition aligns with our strategic goal of spearheading housing initiatives. With our collaborative partnerships, our objective is to reduce the entry barriers for builders, and aspiring homeowners as much as possible. We extend our deepest appreciation to the City of Fairfield and Cambridge Little Achievers Center for their support in this pivotal phase.”  

Site and infrastructure planning will begin this fall.

About Grow Fairfield Economic Development Association:
Celebrating 45 years, Grow Fairfield Economic Development Association is a public-private partnership committed to fostering sustainable economic growth, innovation, and community development in the greater Fairfield and Jefferson County area. Through collaborative partnerships and visionary initiatives, Grow Fairfield strives to create a resilient and forward acting community that attracts investment, cultivates a healthy business climate, and improves the overall quality of life for residents. 


Media Contact:
Joshua Laraby, Executive Director