Population and Household Incomes Growing in Jefferson County, Iowa

Last week the U.S. Census Bureau released various county-level figures from 2016 and the data shows Jefferson County has seen a 7.4 increase in population over figures released last year. Last year’s population estimate was 17,318, this year’s estimate is 18,090. The data, which is produced using estimations and isn’t quite as accurate as the full census conducted every 10 years, but it does show trends. The number of those families at or below the poverty level has decreased in the last year. In 2015 the estimated poverty rate was 15%, the latest figures show that number at 14%. The median household income has also risen over last year, figures show an average household income was $42,899 in 2015, that number is now $45,257. The change is consistent with micropolitan areas nationwide. In such areas, rent increased more than twice as often as it decreased. The data also includes median household property values, and Jefferson County shows a rise from $101,000 in 2015 to $110,700 in 2016 with 66.3% of the population owning their own home. The average rental rate this past year was $626. A complete breakdown of the mid-census numbers can found at census.gov