Key Industries

The City of Fairfield supports a diverse group of industries combining to create a dynamic and energetic economy. Bolstered by the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, supportive business community and an array of manufacturing companies, Fairfield’s economy continues to show growth in a host of industries, including financial services and education.


The face of manufacturing is rapidly changing and Fairfield’s advanced manufacturing industry has grown significantly in the past decade. Advances in technology and automation are increasing productivity and increasing the demand for highly skilled workers.


Education and training are key to a quality workforce and the foundation of a good education begins at a young age. Fairfield offers high-quality public and private educational institutions. In addition to preparing local youth for success, Fairfield is also in close proximity to several nearby universities, community colleges, career and technical training centers.

Financial Services

Fairfield and Jefferson County is home to a large pool of innovative talent in the securities industry. The city is an epicenter known for providing national financial services information and solutions.  Firms in Fairfield have over 85 billion dollars of securities under management and employs 750+ in the area.