We’re Hiring – Facilitator for the Assessment of the School to Work Initiatives



The SET Region (Jefferson, Washington, Henry County) has a goal to increase our future

workforce. We believe this can be accomplished through a more efficient alignment of

workforce efforts between K-12 and the business community to address our workforce gaps. To deliver

some of the strategies identified in this goal, we are searching for a facilitator who can work directly

with the schools as well as with business community to best identify the region’s needs and assist in

developing a strong workforce pipeline.


The SET Region is seeking an individual to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current School to

Work initiatives and recommendations on how we can better prepare students for our regional

workforce needs. The sponsoring organization (SET) has compiled a list of schools in the three-county

region, a list of employers, information on other statewide programs, and other pertinent information

that might be helpful in this process. This study will determine best practices for future workforce

efforts for our area employers and School to Work initiatives.

The planning effort will include the following tasks.


• Meet with area economic development organizations to research their level of commitment to

workforce development.

• Meet with area School to Work coordinators, guidance counselors, CTE instructors and other

personnel to research all current programs offered.

• Meet with area community college personnel charged with high school relations to research

their current programs.

• Meet with parents and students to discuss their interest level in internships, job shadowing and

future employment goals.

• Meet with business leaders and human resource personnel to discuss the future workforce


• Research the state requirements in Career and Technology Education and School to Work


• Review other successful School to Work initiatives.

Identification and Reporting:

• Identify current structures in place.

• Identify current strengths that can be shared among the SET region.

• Identify what barriers or challenges the region will face in recruiting a future workforce.

• Make recommendations to the SET region about how to proceed with future School to Work

and other workforce initiatives.


• The Facilitator will make a formal recommendation to economic development organizations,

area businesses and the school districts on the best practices associated with student

internships, skill sets and other needs to address workforce gaps as a region.

• The Facilitator will suggest to economic development organizations, area businesses and the

school districts ways to enhance curriculum, enhance coordination between school

faculty/administration and facilitate job matching with student interests.

Sponsoring Organization:

The contracted facilitator will be officially hosted by the Mount Pleasant Area Chamber Alliance but will also be supported by Fairfield Economic Development Association and Washington Economic Development Group. The facilitator will be guided by a steering committee composed of members representing economic development organizations and educational institutions in the SE Iowa region.

Financial Support:

$5,000 is available to include consulting services, any printed and electronic materials necessary and all travel incurred.


May – Accept applications, interview and hire potential facilitator.

June – First Steering Committee Meeting to lay out expectations, roles, reporting, etc.

June – Facilitator Begins

July 1 – Completion of Research

August 1 – Completion of Identification and Reporting

September 1 – Completion of Delivery and Future Steps Identified


If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Kristi Ray, Mount Pleasant Area Development Corporation, 124 S. Main Street, Mount Pleasant, IA 52641, 319-385-3101,kray@mountpleasantiowa.org by May 31, 2017.