First Annual Business Pitch Session

First Annual Fairfield Business Pitch Session

Top prize $1,200 and 2016 Chamber of Commerce Membership


  1. Entrepreneurs that are just getting started and have a great new idea. Business may be manufacturing, service, retail or otherwise.
  2. In business for two years or less.
  3. Total gross annual revenue does not exceed $250,000.
  4. Must be an existing or proposed Fairfield based business.
  5. Provide an Executive Summary of your business or business idea that provides a specific ask to potential investors (2 pages maximum).  Executive Summary should include: • Product or service description
    • Target market and size of the market
    • Business model (how does your venture make money?)
    • Key resources – e.g. patents, design, etc.
    • Management team, their experience and the functions each member performs
    • Why your business is unique and why your team has an advantage over others offering a similar product or service

How the Event Works

  1. Submit everything by the application deadline:May 15th
  2.  The judging panel will review submissions and select 3-4 finalists to participate in our formal pitch day June 5th.
  3. The final businesses will present at the 1stAnnual Fairfield Business Pitch Competition on June 5th 8:30-10:30 AM. Each business owner will have 15 minutes to give their pitch followed by in-depth questioning from our judging panel and potential investors.  At the finale of the event, our judges will identify the top pitch and award the winner with $1,200 in prize money to help develop and build their concept.  Prize money is designated for business expenses. The winner will also receive a free 2016 Chamber of Commerce Membership.